Is recycling worth it in Australia?

Is recycling worth it in Australia?
Is recycling worth it in Australia?

We are going through several environmental issues due to the waste material, but recycling is the best way to minimize the ratio of environmental threats. Recycling is essential for both creatures and the environment. The resources can be saved by recycling the recyclable and reusable material. The cycling is very important to save the environment from the pollution, harmful gases and deforestation. By recycling, the resources and the energy can be saved, preserved for the future.

The status of recycling in Australia

The condition of recycling is bad in Australia some extent. Australia has a weak recycling system ad there is no recycling management as only one type of recycling bin is used to put glass, paper and plastic together which is reducing the values of recyclable material. Along with this Australia do not have the proper infrastructure to promote the closed-loop recycling system to have separate bins and depots for all kinds of recyclable material that can add potential in its market value.

Australia is going through a serious waste recycling crisis as the chine has imposed a ban on the unsorted paper, plastic and mixed scrap. This ban affects Australia badly as they ship a large amount of low-grade recyclable along with unsorted material to the chine and they rely on it. Australia also ships tons of waste material to other countries to burn it illegally.

Australia has a weak recycling policy and poor implementation strategies. The companies can lessen down the rate of waste material consumption by using the recyclable material as packaging as the thing made of virgin resources can be costly and waste the energy. If the companies switch to recyclable material, then it can be very beneficial for them.

Cans for recycling

Most of the plastics of Australia ends up in landfills; the main reason behind this problem is that there is no processing plant and no infrastructure for it. Moreover, the manufacturing companies do not use recycled plastic because the new plastic is cheaper than existing recyclable plastic. Australia has no plant to break the plastic in pieces moreover; the councils do not consider soft plastic for recycling.

What Australia should do?

The recycling rate of Australia can be improved if the government takes the initiative for it and invest in the infrastructure of the recycling system. Efficient policies and strategies should be made to bring a revolutionary change in the recycling industry. The government of Australia should also make policies for recycling awareness, education, and practice. To have a better condition of recycling, it is important to create more proactive mindsets and awareness about the responsibility of recycling. As every person contributes to the increment of the waste material, whether we play our part in domestic waste material or commercial and manufacturing waste material, in both ways, we are affecting our environment. The waste material is not itself an issue, but the way we use to dispose of it.

Therefore, it is very important to realize the need for recycling to prevent the environment from severe conditions and save the rare resources. Everyone can play its part in making the environment, waste-free. To promote the recycling initiative, the government can place the recycling bins along with a description of how to use each bin for the specific material. This step will make the recycling material more valuable. The government should restrict the manufacturing companies to use existing recyclable material for the packaging of their products to minimize the rate of waste material also save the resources and energy. The government should work on to use waste material to produce energy. This is the best way to bring the waste material in a purposeful use, and it can give massive benefits to the industries.

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