Perks of hiring conference venues located in Melbourne CBD

Perks of hiring conference venues located in Melbourne CBD
Perks of hiring conference venues located in Melbourne CBD

Business meetings are important. Are you trying to build a better relationship with your staff or sharing a vision for your company or are you pitching different projects to customers? All require business meetings. In order to do this, you are going to need the right office space to accommodate a sufficient amount of people according to the planned event or meeting. Often small businesses don’t have space, and, in this case, they can always hire a meeting room. Hiring a meeting room adds more perks than few. First off, it resolves the tension of setting up the venue to match the expectations of the even and the whole hassle of checking up with connections, projector, lighting, etc. Moreover, having a venue already booked can hook you up with some special perks such as complimentary meal after the meeting, buffet, other complementary services, etc.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a conference venue located in the city of Melbourne:


Hiring a venue in Melbourne CBD gives you plenty of space and options so choosing where and when is very flexible. Whether for office strategies buildings or even a training event. The city is first and foremost where most of the population stay concentrated and are mostly willing to travel all the way and come to. CBD offers various conveniences be it tourist locations, sight-seeing, shopping, a day out in the sun, middle-ground for everyone, etc. Hence it makes sense how the booking of a venue in the city can be a flexible option for everyone. Considering the abundance of transport lines that connect to the city, it becomes the ideal spot to call upon important meetings.

City llghts


Small businesses don’t have the space for big meetings and lack privacy. Getting a venue within the city means you have plenty of modern space to work with and plenty of room for everyone. You will be sure to find a venue within the city that suits your group size and needs. Besides, venues in the city have a different modernised charm to it. The interior wall finishes and design of the setting will be perfectly set for a decadent meeting or a formal corporate event. Even if the headcount for the meeting or the event is fewer, a spacious meeting point can prove to be quite effective when targets and objectives have to be conveyed. The arrangement makes the event all the more formal and perfect for corporate handling.


Being located in the middle of the city means people who don’t have travel medium can easily get to and from via public transport. They can run errands after or before the meeting as everything is close by and even grab something to eat with fellow meeting clients on the way home. You can always have easy GPS alert system for everyone who wishes to access the location due to its convenience and prominence near main landmarks. Getting lost in the city is highly unlikely as all the markings are shown clearly at the beginning of every road, and every other location has a main landmark which helps to guide your way. Moreover, the city has free tram zones within which makes intracity travel very convenient and cost-effective.

Better impression

You will be impressing the clients with a meeting room in the city. As they are very modern and have all nice fresh settings that you need, they even often dedicate a room to smokers. The decorations and setting and modern and comfortable and you get a nice overall environment to work within. This boost not only the morale of employees but also enhances a client’s impression and relationship to continue doing business with you. On that note, before inviting clients into your offices be sure to have contacted pest controllers to inspect the grounds. You do not want a happy client to become unhappy when they see a mouse on your office floor. Client’s always looking forward to the wow factor and this may just be the right facilitator to convert your prospective clients to active participants with common interests.

Cheaper than the alternative

Hiring a venue within the city can be cheaper than being outside of the city. It can be expensive if people need to seek alternative transport to the meeting and need to travel back to town to run errands or to get home again. Besides close proximity from every other location around the city makes CBD the common ground for everyone to meet up.


Better facilities on offer

Outdated venues that are located outside the city may even have limited internet access. If you are right in town you are guaranteed to have wireless networks that are reliable and video conference facilities, modern technology and plenty of space for everyone to sit comfortably. Besides having a well-functioning GPS SOS device in case of any panic or emergencies can be more prominent in the CBD area for certain.  


Hiring a room in the city is less stressful there are plenty of options and if you want catering you are guaranteed to find a catering company close by. It becomes easier all round. It can become costly if the catering business needs to travel too far out of their way to get to you outside of the city. Not to mention cold and soggy food. If you secure an office with a kitchen, be sure to contact a pest control ant treatment service for prevention. No one wants an ant infestation in the communal kitchen. The city has various wonderful options when it comes to catering services, even if there arises a situation where the service has been cancelled you can easily book for the next within seconds as you’re very close to plenty of options around.


A business meeting or even a team-building event or maybe looking for somewhere to announce a new staff member or a pay rise. Whether you have a few people or a truckload there is a space that can accommodate all of your needs easily.

Here we have listed just a few of the reasons why you should stick to being inside the city when you are looking for somewhere to hold your meeting or party.
There is no cleaning up or worrying about the polish on the concrete, or anything at all so your team can return to their office the next day with everything looking clean and organised. There is no better way for you and the employees to do it.

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