Trendy Bathroom Design Styles

Trendy Bathroom Design Styles
Trendy Bathroom Design Styles

There are so many bathroom styles and designs out there. However, there seem to be three main types of bathroom designs that dominate the scene.
Quite often if you take notice, you will find that bathrooms mostly take one of three vibes. The high-end vibe that screams luxe, organic day spa vibe, and the all-white affair that is set to embrace texture.

Visiting display homes in Melbourne or around Australia can give you an insight into what you like and how your likes and budget align with your perfect bathroom.

Here are the individual elements that draw you to one of the design styles above.

The organic bathroom style

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The organic day spa design is mostly made up of natural materials and tones. You will find matte tiles, warm timbers, and concrete elements with a few rougher, tactile finishes. The cabinetry will be of a wood grain look that is more fluid in its shape. For the most part, the tapware is found to be silver but with other materials around it like bamboo and stone.
The vibe that people are looking for here is an oasis feel. People are going for that special retreat where they can relax after a long and exhausting day. Other styling efforts in this type of bathroom would be indoor plants and other decorative cues that tend to resemble a day spa.

Some bathrooms in this style can even be found to have weathered materials such as rustic ladders and terracotta vases that are in a matte finish. A round wooden side table next to a bathtub would also give off the same vibe. It is most likely that this style of bathroom will have frosted shower screen glass.

The luxe style

This design in bathrooms has a high-end feel to it like an expensive hotel. The style screams luxury in every way possible, with its invigorating design that has plenty of wow factors. The organic bathroom feels light and airy for sure, but it is the opposite of the luxe style. While there is a sense of grandeur and space, there is a look of something more graphic about this style. The luxe style has the domination of dark brown and black tones. The warm accents are added just so there is a little sense of sophistication.

The luxe look comes packed with a lot of shine and shimmer; the tiles will be high glossed, and with tapware that is either copper or bronze, so it stands out. You will find the lighting is more dramatic with the use of pendant lights, a waterfall shower head, and a double sink. The vanity will always be raised off the floor, and the towel rails will always be heated. Some people have a clear foresight while making their home design plans and are able to incorporate the luxury bathroom very well in it. While others struggle and hence, it is better to decide the amenities that you won’t compromise on the ones you would.

The minimal style

The minimal bathroom style is really quite simple. There is still plenty of creation that goes into pulling off this style mainly through shape and texture. The design has a striking look that has a way of embracing the white tones, but without much else in the form of colour. Penny round, herringbone, and hexagonal tiles would be found in this design or even a jump at Carra marble en masse. All of the design elements are kept white with a few spots of black grout or marble vein for a little visual stimulation. If other tones were intended to get embraced, then it would be greyed but only in very small doses. This style is incredibly clean with transparent shower screens or none existing there at all.

Which do you prefer?


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