To jump in a time machine and go back to when I was 18 years old, I took photos because I had a terrible memory, and taking photographs was a romantic way for me to record my memories of my nearest and dearest, experiences, friends, and life.

It was just when I began to find out more about photography and realised I needed to take “better” pictures.

It’s all subjective in the end of the day. A better question is, “What sort of photos make you happy and fulfilled?”

I’ve been espousing the value of making your photography personal, rather than caring about what others think about your own work. After all, shouldn’t you love your own photographs and why do you care if others love your photographs or not?

It’s sort of like life– if you do not enjoy yourself, why do you care about what others think about you?

I hope to share this love with my friends, family members, and you, and the remainder of the “internet”– in the hope that others may also appreciate their nearest and dearest, and also record and picture their nearest and dearest with much intent.

So to take it back– I take photographs to document my loved ones and personal experiences.

I only know that for me, the larger my camera is, the less likely I am to take it with me wherever I go, and the less likely I am to take photos.

So the logical conclusion is that I must not use a large and cumbersome camera.

Another argument I’ve been having with myself is about digital versus film. I prefer the convenience and cheaper price of digital, but I prefer the aesthetics and the method of shooting film.

However if my true goal of taking photographs is to record my memories and picture my loved ones (my primary objective is not to shoot super high-definition, super-sharp and super high quality pictures), then the instrument does not matter so much. Yet at the same time, I do enjoy taking photos with my mobile phone (especially if I’m taking a selfie and sending it to a buddy via text message).

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