Bubble Desk Trend 2021

Bubble Desk Trend 2021
Bubble Desk Trend 2021

The bubble designed desks is the trend for 2021 and has taken off like crazy in Paris. Employees have started working under a plexiglass dome, cutting them off from reality and any distractions around them. The idea of the bubble desk is that it gives the worker privacy and separation, yet there is still connection to the company. This design became more popular due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, as it ensured a space to stay safe due to reduced human interaction. Instead of contacting office relocation specialists, first reconsider the innovative concept of a bubble desk.

Work can present different problems for employees and the most common is sharing a workspace with people that you would rather avoid. This is where the bubble desk can offer a solution. A French firm allows employees to close themselves off at their workplaces when they are mentally overwhelmed. These desks certainly offer some escape. 

The bubble desk has the aim of reducing workers exposure to the harmful things around them such as horrible office banter and office germs. These desks have already been well established in the French capital.The desks are intended to be more of a compromise between the need for collaboration in the workplace and the drive for isolation. The popular 1980’s cubicles give you privacy, sure, but the downfall however is that they don’t offer any sense of connection or communication. Companies around the world are beginning to see that an inspiring and beautiful environment will encourage people to be happier, making them work more efficiently with performance. It seems that whether this desk would work for a company or not would depend on it’s staff and how they work best.

Unfortunately, there are still companies out there that are still in the same mind frame and don’t really care about the working environment for their staff. There is a big connection between workplace design and workplace satisfaction. It is important to offer your staff an office space that encourages creative thinking, confidence and motivation. If a workplace does not offer this, managers should reconsider moving. Although this is stressful, it could be the difference between success and failure of a company. Contact corporate relocation management services to assist you.

No one knows for sure which company started the trend, but since this has become popular again, it seems designers and architects are shaping office spaces to fit the ‘Covid-safe’ trend, with sensors for lifts, lights, computers, taps and so on. This evidently reduces the spread of germs. 

The inspiration needs to be at its peak each day and this is done by working in a positive and clean environment. Think about your own little space and being able to see the other employees around you who are working just like you are. If more workplaces were to adopt this type of office workspace, there would be less staff calling in sick and more work getting done, as well as happier staff. 

The real question here is, despite the new office trend for 2021, will they remain popular or will managers see flaws in the design? Are employees going to want this trend to stay? I guess we will check back in 2022 and see whether or not the bubble desks are loved or hated.

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